The gift of solidarity


Last week was eye-opening. I attended The 1st National Democracy Convention held here in Madison. With about a thousand others from all over America, I listened to inspiring keynote speakers like Tom Hayden, Cheri Honkala,  Margaret Flowers, and a favorite of mine, John Nichols.

I learned that the world really has been watching us. And, during the many sessions on grassroots organizing and non-violent resistance, I realized we experienced something quite remarkable in Madison this winter. The hundreds of thousands of protesters who spontaneously gathered and occupied the Capitol for many weeks were almost all “beginners”. We had no training or organization yet we were always peaceful. And we were persistent.

The people I talked to are truly grateful for what Wisconsin has done so far. We are inspiring many other “beginners” to do what they have never done before. Our creative handmade signs have been a big hit. I realized that Madison is a Mecca for visitors who want to know more about the democracy movement as it expands. We welcome you all!

Join us on September 17 for the annual Fighting Bobfest at the Coliseum at Alliant Energy Center in Madison, an event that drew 10,000 last year.

Wisconsin’s Bob La Follette fought for democracy and economic fairness. He railed against the robber barons’ control over the political system, called for open primaries, workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. He thought people and ideas should rule instead of Big Money. We need to Be Like Bob today, right?