The Birth of Hope


last week, first-time father Chris Reeder returned to the Solidarity Sing Along he has led every weekday for nearly a year. He’d been absent for two weeks, ever since his new son, August, was born. We carried on with our noon singing without Chris, but we missed him—and we were eager to congratulate him. A cheer went up on Friday when he appeared on the street and joined over a hundred of us on the snowy Capitol steps.

Reunited for an hour, we celebrated August’s birth with a shower gift from all of us, hundreds of cupcakes, some hot cider, and a lullaby for a baby boy. We were beaming as we sang through tears. To be honest, crazy as it may sound,we feel like August’s extended family of aunts, uncles and grandparents.

The birth of “our” Sing Along baby is a sign of hope. We’ll watch him grow and keep watch over the kind of world he and children all over the world will grow in.

This is what we sang, with the usual assortment of visitors—that day from Egypt and Germany and Minnesota—joining in:

“August's Lullaby”

Go to sleep now little August, While the grown-ups sing and cry. You won't hear guitars or drumming Until a few more weeks go by.

We'll be singing when you get here, 'Cause Scott Walker's got to go. Today you're in the nice warm indoors But soon you'll join us in the snow.

We know Scott Walker causes trouble. He causes trouble everywhere. But when you toddle in the Cap'tol, He won't be the Gov'nor there.

We know Wisconsin has some problems, But they aren't here to stay. We'll recall Walker and his cronies Well before your first birthday.

So go to sleep now little August, Then later give our songs a try But if you can't sleep just try humming That's our August's lullaby.

Lyrics by Jim Murray