picture show iphone app crush....

This app is SOOOOOOO much fun. I am sorry Hipstamatic but my heart now belongs to PictureShow. For only $1.99 from iTunes you get quite a robust little app. The first photo is one I took on my iPhone. The second one is after I played with all the many options available.

Same here, top one is un retouched. (Before I post photos I usually lighten them in Photoshop.) This one has that old polaroid border.

Same here... but using the random button. The only thing I am not crazy about is the noise it makes when you use the random feature. I didn't notice it until John asked what I was doing while we were watching TV and I was on my 27th random photo. I assume if I dig around somewhere I can figure out how to turn that off.


These 4 were all done with the random button. Oh I see hours and hours of fun here. You can find more out here. I initially had some problems saving the photos. I upgraded my iPhone software and that did the trick. Enjoy!

There may be less posts this week. We were out of town this weekend and I am in the middle of a big project... I'll post when I can.