omni focus

Sadly this is what the desktop of my 23" monitor looks like. If there is such a thing as bad desktop feng shui I have it.

We like being tidy. I obsess over the tidiness of some things and John does over others. So we sort, get rid of, recycle continually. Two areas in my life that are always out of control are my office desk and my computer desktop. I have great hopes that this new software program is going to help. Omni Focus is a $79 Mac program that allows me to, as they call it, do a brain dump. I hope to put all the info that is on desktop stickies, info in documents on my desktop and info from pieces of paper on my desk into this program. I can even keep my grocery list there too because there is also a iPhone app that will let me access this info on the fly over MobileMe. Or I think that is how that part works. The app is a surprising $20 but if it works it will be worth it.

I am just in the learning phase of this program. I see that (link to the right) has a class for it that I will take as soon as I have all my info in the program. At this point all the data is equal. Blog ideas, books I want to read, fonts I want to make, color swatches I like, how high the lake is. You can actually set up the data so you can manage a project complete with deadlines and reminders. I probably won't do that as I rarely manage large projects anymore. But I hope this solves my creative clutter. So far the interface seems clean and intuitive. I will need to do some tutorials so I get the most out of the product but that is fine. And this is a personal recommendation, Omni Focus is not an affiliate at this time.

(Thanks Laurie for telling me about this!)