off the beaten path yarnery...

Off the Beaten Path Yarnery specializes in yarns made from natural fibers like alpaca, bamboo, cotton, corn, linen, rayon, silk, soy, wool and blends thereof. Special care has been taken to provide yarns that have been proven and will stand up to the test of time. Yardage is an especially important factor and has been taken into consideration in the purchase of all but a few specialty yarns.

We have our very own yarn store in my neighborhood at 1216 Williamson St! They are across the street from the Willie St. Coop (they were previously located in Monona in case you have lost track of them). While they are a smallish store they are fully stocked with brimming bins of very nice yarn.

I am in sock knitting mode at the moment and needed a Size 0 - 40" circular needle so I can knit 2 socks at one time magic loop method and went in to pick up an Addi Turbo. Unfortunately I am fussy about what needles I use. They don't stock Addis but suggested I try HiyaHiya and convinced me I would like it as much as the Addis. The price was right, under $7 so I got one. I really cannot tell the difference between these and the Addis. Amazing! So if you need any of these needles stop in and see them or give them a call 608 221 0219.