Ha Long Bay

Saturday as we started out to do errands we dropped by Ha Long Bay for a quick lunch. This was our first time dining there and we were pleased. As the sign says it is a Vietnamese and Thai Bistro. There are also some Laotian specialties on the menu. We split an order of egg rolls and a chicken curry. Both were very good.

I noticed that they have 10 versions of Pho... we saw big, steaming bowls of it delivered to a nearby table. Looked good.

Ha Long Bay is at 1353 Williamson Street. Another good addition to the neighborhood restaurants. Decor is fun in a rusty orange and lime color palette.

My only negative comment was that it took somewhere between a 40-45 minutes to get our entree. Too long for a quick lunch on a busy Saturday. But we will try them again and hope this is not the norm. They were doing a brisk business and I hope that continues.