DIY... handmade books

Last month I was at the Campbell-Steele Gallery in Marion, Iowa. (If you are in the Cedar Rapids area do stop in. It is a great place.) Well, they had handmade books similar to these. I would have bought one but they were music themed and I needed a knitting one. So one Sunday afternoon I made 4 of these. The great part is that I could make them all with stuff I had except the loose leaf rings. For the covers for these 2 I used some plastic squares and glued on some vintage buttons.

This is the real reason behind the books. I need a place to make notes on knitting projects. As organized as I am I don't do this now. A 2 page spread per project.

And the loose leaf rings means that each person can add to the book to meet her needs.

I had an old knitting magazine of my mother's and added some pages from that to each of the books. It was a nice little Sunday afternoon project.

All you need is a 3-hole punch, some rings and whatever odds and ends of paper you have in your desk... they make great gifts.