Day 7... in San Antonio

photo from The St. Anthony A Wyndham Historic Hotel

W e are in San Antonio and wandered the Riverwalk a little yesterday afternoon after we got in. We are in a hotel right down on the Riverwalk which is fun. For the first time I used to get a room when we got to town. We think we did pretty good. We did the "make an offer" so you name your price and amount of stars and area of the city and you either get a room or not. But you don't get to choose the hotel. This is a pretty 101 year old hotel, our bed is a 4 poster bed that I need a chair to get in to. The room is smallish with a pretty black and white old tile bathroom with a black marble floor. A very walkable location.

Shortly we start the day with breakfast at the Twin Sisters Bakery, then the Alamo and a 3 story Antique Mall. Then probably some lunch and some art. It should be cold and rainy with sleet so we are planning inside things...

John: I have to mention an encounter I had with a young man at a local gas station/Kwik Trip. I went in to buy a candy bar and came away with a Snickers, a Milky Way and a couple of Chik-O-Stiks. (These are like the inside of a Butterfinger). Well, the young man's comment upon seeing the Chik-O-Stiks was something like..."Hey man...that's old school!" and something like..."I wonder if I'll look back when I'm 60 or 70 and say, I only paid $1.25 for a candy bar!" and something like..."what did YOU pay for a candy bar when you were little?" (I wanted to smack him!)

Rae: And I must mention that the linens in this hotel are lovely. Better than mine at home and anyone who knows me well knows that I am kind of neurotic about linens. We ALWAYS travel with our king-sized down pillows and this time I actually talked John into letting me take a down comforter too. I hate the real or imagined dirtiness of bedspreads and don't like how hotel blankets feel. But the linens and pillows are so nice that we aren't even breaking ours out.

Artie: If you want to eat out we have a lot of fun neighborhood restaurants. I think you would like Lazy Janes (great BLT), the Alchemy (great burger) or Lao Laan-Xang (great curry) There are 2 of these restaurants in our neighborhood. I like the one on Atwood better.