brenda dayne of cast on

  madison Knitters, do you want to take a class from Brenda Dayne of Cast On fame? Brenda is teaching her way across the states this Spring. If you want her to come to our lovely city call The Sow's Ear or The Knitting Tree or Lakeside Knitting and ask them to host her. She is finalizing her schedule so we need to act fast. And if she comes I have dibs, she is staying with me.

And if you don't listen to her podcast you should. It is a delightful mix of knitting, and music and her musings on life in Wales. If you are new to her podcasts then you are in luck because she she now has over 100 of them. There is a link to the right.

Oh and I designed her logo above.

Let's bring Brenda to Madison! Plz forward this post to any knitter you know who may be interested.