beauty is embarassing by wayne white

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If you like contemporary art, puppets, Peewee Herman or quirkiness you will probably enjoy this documentary Beauty is Embarrassing by Wayne White.

We watched it on Netflix, it is streamable. They say... Get to know Wayne White, one of America's most unusual and arresting artists, with this snappy documentary that traces the ups and downs of his career. The jovial White discusses his art, strums the banjo, plays with puppets and simply enjoys life.

Cast: Wayne White, Mimi Pond, Woodrow White, Lulu White, Gary Panter, Mark Mothersbaugh, Ric Heitzman, Billie June White, Willis White, Paul Reubens, Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris, Matt Groening, Todd Oldham, Paul Zaloom
It was a delightful surprise.