Art Therapy #9.

Nancy's cards just keep getting better. And it is such a delight to open an envelope and get this. Love her colored pencil work to extend the photo. Not to mention the "Ballad of the Sad Cafe" on the back.

Nancy's note with this card... "Hi, Found this 'R' in a pile of vintage fabric scraps and couldn't resist using it. I cut out and colored the leaves and flowers. If you like it, it is yours. N" That is a resounding YES I like it and want it. It has a nice texture in that vintage y type of way. Thank you!

My collage is less exciting as Nancy's fabric piece. I was trying to figure out the color of the new TV room sofa. I've always wanted a red piece of furniture. The swatch second from the bottom is it. It will look less orange in the basement where there is no natural light. It is a Room and Board custom piece. We spent an hour there sitting on and rating sofa after sofa. It will arrive in Fall. A good time to tackle the man cave.

I spent the better part of one day trying to paint some soft pretty backgrounds for projects. This snippet is the only bit worth salvaging. But that days lackluster work had me signing up for a watercolor class with Helen Klebesadel on September 19! I am looking forward to that. Check out her work. Join me for the class if you are in the area. Trust me I will be the worst one in the class. Can't wait.