adobe suite 5.5 20% off!


i need to upgrade my Adobe Suite. But I always put it off as long as I can. The upgrades seem to come yearly and the upgrades don't always seem worth the expense. But since I got a new computer and upgraded to Lion my old CS3 doesn't really work anymore so it is time to bite the bullet.

But it will cost me $949 and that gives me pause. If I had $949 to spend I'd prefer to put it towards a lovely new refrigerator. Right now I can sort of work around my issues.

BUT Adobe has a 20% off sale now through the end of the year. They run discounts but it never seems to be on what I really need. This one is. Going from CS3 to CS5.5 would cost me $749. I think this is as good as it will get. They also have a online chat that I would suggest you do if you are in doubt about the upgrade. You do need to know what your current package is but a helpful online person will then tell you which version to get and for how much.

If you need to upgrade use the link below or the one in the sidebar to the right to get your 20% off.

I'd still rather have a new refrigerator.

Upgrade to Adobe CS5.5 and Save!

And I am cleaning house and getting rid of my AT&T Microcell, a brand new printer and a few skeins of sock yarn on ebay. If you are interested click here.