$13 fonts all day long


Happy 2012 Font Friends!

We’re getting a fresh start on the new year at Outside the Line: Reading & Writing Doodles is almost done, Birthday Doodles are well under way and I am thinking about a new marker alphabet font.

Friday the 13th is your lucky day!

With the New Year comes a new event, a Friday the 13th Sale. On the 13th you can order all the fonts you want, all day long, for just $13 each. Regular price is $29 each. Click on either the ALL fonts or NEW fonts link to see your choices.

To get your fonts for $13 just follow this 2-step process.


Email Rae at rae@outside-the-line.com with the fonts you want to order. We will start the Pay Pal order process by sending you an invoice.


You pay from the Pay Pal invoice and I email you your fonts.

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Nancy and Jessica have some new things on their drawing boards – check out their new ideas and font-related products below.

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